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Data Protection

Diem Ltd. commits to safeguarding all personal data transmitted through the website in accordance with applicable legislation. All provided personal data is treated strictly confidentially and used solely for the purposes for which it was submitted.

Users of our website are informed that the following non-personal data is automatically recorded upon visiting our website: the name of the internet service provider and IP address through which you access the internet, date and time of the visit, web pages you access while on this website, and the internet address of the website from which you directly arrived at our site. This data is collected for the purpose of improving website content, analyzing user needs, and administration.

The handling of all directly and indirectly transmitted personal data is subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), which sets out the rights, obligations, principles, and measures to prevent unauthorized, illegal, and unjustified interference with individuals' privacy and dignity regarding the processing of personal data.


The content of Diem Ltd.'s website is provided and maintained with the utmost care. However, Diem Ltd. does not guarantee the correctness, timeliness, or completeness of all information on the web pages. Diem Ltd. is not responsible for occasional website malfunctions, possible inaccuracies in information, or any damage that may arise from the use of incorrect, outdated, or incomplete information. Neither Diem Ltd. nor any legal or physical person who participated in creating the content of the website shall be liable for any damages resulting from accessing, using, or inability to use the information on these web pages or for any errors and deficiencies in their content.

Users of the website are informed that all information on these web pages may be subject to change without prior notice and that all copyright content is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP).


Cookies are small files with information that are temporarily stored on your computer. When cookies are placed on your computer, you are not notified. The main purpose of cookies is to allow web servers to recognize your computer and web browser, customize the website, and ensure ease and speed. Cookies enable us to display accurate information that you are searching for and interested in. By collecting and remembering information about your website settings through cookies, we can ensure a better website and marketing experience. Cookies do not grant access to your computer, and the data we collect through cookies does not include personal information.

For the needs of the Diem Ltd. website, we use the following cookies:

Session cookie
Necessary for the operation of the system for managing and displaying content. This cookie ensures the proper reception of electronic messages and content on the website. The cookie is deleted when the user leaves the website.

User settings cookies
We use cookies to store user settings, such as a cookie containing information about accepting or rejecting cookies.

Google Maps cookies
We use cookies to store user settings on embedded maps.

How to manage cookies?
Most web browsers allow you to set your cookies. You can reject or accept cookies using the built-in functions in web browsers. If you reject cookies, you can still use our website, but certain subpages may not work properly.

Below are links to instructions on how to disable cookies in your web browser:
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In accordance with the new EU directive - GDPR (you can learn more about GDPR at this link), we offer you the option to delete personal data obtained upon registration at any time.
Even if you do not delete this personal data, it is secure, and it is used only for delivery to the desired address.
In the event of any intrusion or misuse of data, the user will be notified. The website also contains a GDPR menu where you can submit a request for the deletion of your personal data.

Privacy Policy. We guarantee that we will unconditionally protect and handle all your data that you submit to us in any way in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1, Official Gazette of the RS, No. 94/2007) or in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Under no circumstances will we use your data without your consent, transmit it, or make it available to third parties or institutions, except in cases prescribed by law for the purposes of national security, defense, public safety, prevention, disclosure, detection, and prosecution of criminal offenses or violations of ethical norms, etc.
We guarantee that we will not abuse your personal data or violate your privacy in any other way. Your data will never be used for purposes that are not in accordance with the law or that could harm you in any way.
The data provided will be used exclusively for sending the information you requested and informing you about content and events related to the activities of Diem Ltd. (e-newsletters) for the purposes of direct marketing.
Information purposes also include segmentation and profiling for the purpose of direct marketing and providing customized content and better user experiences.
You can revoke your consent at any time in writing and unsubscribe from notifications by sending a written notice to info@diem.si
We will store and use your personal data until you provide us with your written revocation (e.g., unsubscribe from newsletters).